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Look inside this book. Yesterday's Ghosts (Yesterday's Mysteries Book 3) by [ Cheever, Sam]. Sam Cheever. Yesterday's Ghosts (Yesterday's Mysteries Book 3 ).
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Upon seeing her ruined face, she was so shocked that she went insane, some say, or committed suicide, as others told it. Either way, she would then appear on dim street corners at night, wearing a white coat and a red mask. If they answered no, the price was much higher: death.

As the popular story spread across the nation, the masked woman became the subject of fear, especially among children, who hurried each day to get home before dark. Such spooky stories have always existed.

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In fact, some horror stories have been passed down through the ages, with the details changing and evolving to fit with the times. First of all, the story needs to be simple but shocking enough to appeal to the public. Second, the story should make people believe it is based on a true incident. Also, the tale should deliver a meaningful message. During that time, there were many instances of violence and abduction targeting teenagers.

Yesterday's Ghosts

And the tale was apparently spread by parents to make their children hurry home after school, to avoid becoming victims of such crimes. According to Chung-Ang University Prof. In Gyeongseong the city now known as Seoul in the s, for instance, there was a story of a woman who killed herself after being abandoned by the man she was set to marry. In fact, this was the most common theme of urban legends during that time.

But in the modern era after Korea underwent urbanization, the focus of such stories changed, and they began to be set in closed, urban spaces, such as schools. Various rumors spread through elementary schools, such as word of a statue suddenly moving at night or music emanating from an empty classroom.

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The story begins with the No. The No. One day after the incident, the jealous student was studying at school late at night and alone, when he suddenly heard an unknown voice. Tongtong, not here either.

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Album Review – These Winds Are Not Hope / Yesterday’s Ghosts MCD () | THE HEADBANGING MOOSE

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