Guide The Sound of the Harvest: Music’s Mission in Church and Culture

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Presenting an integrative blend of music, communications, and missions theory, The Sound of the Harvest examines music's role in the church.
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The opposite is happening. If you are trying to do the professionalized routine, that is part of your struggle to guide the flock of God. Step one: Give up the one man lecture routine. Help the saints in your fellowship practice their identity as priests. The children can do it. Ken — Prooftext. To take 3 texts and use them justify professionalized leadership which requires you to nullify 8 texts that teach specifically the opposite is exactly proof texting.

Give a basis for your accessment. Which one is out of context? Do you think the case can be decided on sheer numbers? You seem two basic rules of exegesis: 1 Your opinion is the only valid one, and 2 if anyone offers you reasons why you might be wrong, see rule 1. I not be of any formal education either secular or religious. Full tyme Pastor and full tyme secular employment. Just technical wording? Can one be both? I am retired and am humbled that me Lord has chosen, commanded and is using a forgiven sinner in the harvest fields of my current 3rd. World Nation. I receive not nor accept any offers for carrying out His commands.

I have yet to see any of the dying church syndrome here; yet; and pray it keeps its ugly head away. Keep the faith and walk in His shadow and indeed, HIS church will survive. Mulungu akuhasi Ndugus katika Yesu Christo…….. LUKE 9 : Ken — I did give a visual basis. Numbers tell a story of results of practice. I told you the proof is in the word.

But here they are. Acts ; 1 Cor. I should also include 1 Cor. I understand your defensiveness to a brother challenging ministry pay checks, titles, callings, and dominating patterns. The Roman Catholics did not respond well to Luther or any other reformer years ago. I am not offended. More reformation is needed. Drew — Thank you for adding your example. You only need the word and the Holy Spirit, which you have. The same in 1 Cor. The power of the resurrection goes into the marketplace.

You are correct with Luke This phrase is used by Paul in 1 Tim. The same in Mathew This is very different than expecting a full pay check, a special title, office, and dominating expression of truth. Everyone in America can see in every church that when one man is paid, many will do nothing, others will do next to nothing, and very few will do much to compensate for the others. Bad results flow from bad traditions. I agree that we have gotten off track and spend too much on ourselves, however, to heal we must be confronted in a manner that will allow us listen and not shut out the criticism.

Thanks Thom for approaching this in gentleness and love. What scripture do you use to draw your line? Look them up and meditate. I am inviting it and respond to it, even when it is shallow.

Being direct does not demonstrate a lack of love and gentleness. The solution to church failure is in resolving systemic corruption, not merely tweaking a few externals. Reinald — If there is an uptick, it is very small. Many churches in a home are merely a pulpit and pew relocation to a home.


I just read an article on church planting where meeting in a home is merely the first step to getting lots of people in a separate building for pulpit driven meetings. There is a deep co-dependency between clergy and laity. The Bible is twisted to justify it, just like it is used to justify the papacy or praying to Mary. No evangelical hired Bible expert will question the current use of scripture.

I am free to question it and proclaim it. You are precisely correct Tim. For every Tim out there, there seems to be professional pastors who function just like professional politicians. I wonder what the professional pastor mills that provide masters degrees in Theology teach if the institutional church is messed up. I think hired pastors are not the enemy.

Fifteen Reasons Our Churches Are Less Evangelistic Today

They are sincere, they think they are right, but they are wrong in their sincerity. Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted. The pastor mills must maintain the status quo, in their perception. God is in charge of bringing correction to his church. I am just a messenger who works a dirty job that is full time ministry.

We must stop running off the next generation. I hope ypu keep bringing up this issue, because for the church to continue to reject these people will doom the church. God will not tolerate it. Statistic: Percent of U. During the period, the percentage of children living with only their mother nearly tripled from 8 to 23 percent and the percentage of children living with only their father increased from 1 to 4 percent.

The percentage of children not living with any parent increased slightly from 3 to 4 percent. Where has the church been for the last 65 years?! The church has rebuked and ignored these so-called undesirables. Yet, Jesus embraced them! These young men are being raised by women who cannot, by themselves, slave at two full time jobs just to barely pay the bills, and are solely responsible for the raising of the children!

Urgent Church: Nine Changes We Must Make Or Die

And when she has a break-down, gets sick, or has an unexpected expense…where should they go if not the Church? You demand they give you money to pay for luxury and forsake Gods command to take care of your family first? Where are the fathers?! Women cannot teach a boy how to be a man! This is 75 years in the making…girls? Well, they are learning to do what their moms do to survive living in poverty and are also without their fathers love. People do what they learned.

Its a cycle. So Very Sad. So, please, become informed.

Peter Gibson – Harvest Church

Seek solutions. One must ask themself, who is your God? We can turn our culture around into a properous Christ following country again where the children of the future have both parents by ministering to them instead of turning our backs on them. God is judging us now…if we dont turn back to Him and follow Him as a whole church body, we will become extinct. Where is the Acts 2 church? Gods blessings poured over the Acts 2 church!

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Thanks, Thom. Daughter of the King: how disappointing to see such a stereotypic barrage of statistical verbiage without anything to support or back it up it except your opinion. What were you thinking???! Statistics come via the Census Bureau.

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The rest by first hand knowledge as a single mom only single mom with long term membership in one church, who was raised by a single mom, who works two jobs, who has lived in the far upper mid class and in poverty, who has worked with and lived life with poverty stricken women and children single and married. Call it life experience and personal knowlegde. To deny the judgmental attitude and exclusion by some people in the church toward single moms and other undesirables extremely hypocritical and does in FACT keep them out of church!

Personally, God has called me to minister to these families. This does require me to attempt to spotlight this terrible problem. Your response is sad and uninformed.