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Sisters Of GRACE, Atlanta, GA. likes · 1 talking about this · 5 were here. Women of Grace and Spiritual Beauty assembled to counsel, uplift.
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The Edith Abbott Memorial Library has been our home since original opening photos shown - the library was expanded and renovated in In addition, she left a trust for a collection of non-fiction books in memory of her mother. The original project was a book about Edith and Grace Abbott. This project has also evolved into a video documentary as well as other important educational offerings. Work on all aspects of this project is continuous and ongoing under the umbrella of the Grand Island Community Foundation with the library as a valued partner.

This center is a collection of books and articles by and about Edith and Grace Abbott.

Our Lady of Grace

Amateur and professional researchers far and wide are encouraged to make arrangements to access this center by calling or emailing refdesk gilibrary. She told him that she would like to enter a religious community, a decision which would come as a definite surprise to her family. Hanichek recommended the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in faraway Poughkeepsie, New York, Upon arrival there Grace was given a set of books and told that she would begin teaching the next day. This initial surprise and other experiences, such as using only Italian for meditation prayer, led Grace to know this European community was not where she belonged.

She withdrew after six months and returned home to Helena where God had other designs for her. We remember that in the days before Sisters drove themselves, many kind lay friends offered the gift and convenience of needed rides. Grace shared that her time away in New York did help her to realize that she could talk to God anytime, no matter what she might be doing, — sweeping, cleaning, whatever.

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She will come to the realization on her own. Leave her alone. God did not leave Grace alone. God knew that she wanted to help people, especially children. Religious life was one way to live out that desire.

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After two and a half years and first vows in , Sister Grace began a life of service and ministry that has blessed many. They give me energy and move me forward. My heart responds to them in special ways. Time and time again she would be assigned to this difficult grade and it remained her classroom preference. She was an excellent teacher and had the love and competence that teaching requires. Grace was assigned to teach first grade in elementary schools in several locations- Blessed Sacrament School in Louisville, Kentucky, St.

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Grace acknowledges that these were years of adjustment — to convent life and ministry , to being away from her large, close Italian family. She realized that the early loss of her dear mother probably figured in this journey to find herself and her place in the SCN Community.

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With her passion for the needs of children and her strong opinions ,living in community was often times a challenge. She and two others — former member Jean Gish and Sister Rita Vaughan, asked the Provincial, Sister Ann Victoria Cruz, if they could move out of the established convent into a house or apartment. She gave consent but required that they find means of supporting themselves. All three found teaching jobs. Grace was employed by the Jefferson County Public School system.

The coming years would be different from anything Grace had ever known. Her school was in a poor area of the city and the children brought many problems to the school.

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Family relationships were unsettled; some parents seemed to have little care for their children and had serious problems of their own. The children came to school with injuries and often times hungry, Often times the children lived out the chaos in their lives by having violent reaction to situations. After two years of observing and lamenting the regrettable lives of the children and their parents, Grace took and passed the qualifying test for social work from the Department of Human Services This was the process then.

The three persons with the highest grades were automatically accepted. Since other teachers had told Grace that that the parents of these children would only listen to a social worker, she hoped she could help them in this way. She began the challenging task of visiting the homes of students and attempting to assist parents in improving their own lives and those of the children. Sister Grace has many a painful and startling story to tell of these five and a half years.

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Following those memorable years of teaching and being a social worker, Grace would return to Catholic schools: St. Luke School in Louisville, St. Her next ministry call was to St. Blessed Sacrament was again a poor school in a poor area. Grace served there for five years. The first year and a half there was very satisfying nd goo. After that, she experienced many difficulties with the pastor who did not place high value on the school.

As always with Grace, she saw the school as the mean of bringing life and hope to children. Sadly, Blessed Sacrament School closed the year after she left. This school had the good fortunate to reopen in as a Jubilee School. Thomas University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her pastor there was the well- known and well- loved Fr. Milton Guthrie. When Fr. Guthrie was assigned to a new not-yet-established parish in Memphis called Our Lady of Perpetual Help, he asked Grace to become the founding principal.

This was an entirely different situation for her.

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The school was not yet built; the parishioners were people with financial means, highly educated and professional; nearby there was St. By the time the first part of the building was built we had a very active PTO and had raised enough funds to purchase the furniture of the school and the books. Guthrie was very supportive of having a Catholic school. He also wanted SCNs to give it a good foundation and a religious presence for its beginning. Wisely, the school began with the lower grades and it was four years before there were plans for expansion into middle and upper grades.

During her four years at Our Lady of Perpetual School Grace did her best to provide the children with as many advantages as possible. They opened a modern computer center and a modern media center, among other benefits to the children. One day Grace received a phone call from Dr. Anonymous non-Catholic donors had given the Diocese of Memphis a multi-million dollar gift to open Jubilee Schools in facilities that were once thriving Catholic schools.

Grace has always been incredible in all she does. I was so fortunate to have her as my pharmacology professor..

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  • Hope to see her soon! What a wonderful tribute to this wonderful lady. I first met her when I was a Freshman at St. She taught us Anatomy and Physiology. I am privileged to know her all these years. I love this photo of you, Sr. Your eyes sparkle with that eager inquisitiveness, and your smile shows how much you enjoy life! You are a gem! She also has a great sense of humor.

    Forever grateful.. Sister Grace one of the best.

    The Good Oil

    She taught Pharm and was a force to be reckoned with! We knew our stuff! Thank you Sr Grace. She also caught my roomie and me watching SNL on late night tv and laughing hysterically. Apparently we woke her up- never did that again. You e changed lives and I am Blessed to have been educated by you. God bless you Sister Grace! An incredible teacher that shared not only her knowledge but also shared her love for all who she taught!

    You were a gift to us!! Thank you!!!! Sr, Grace Henke has been a powerful and compassionate force for good all her life in many roles. She is also a keen and realistic observer of the contradictions which exist in modern life and the teachings of Christ.