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Koryak Texes. by Waldemar Bogoras. Kindle · $$ · Koryak Texts Vol. V . Koryak Texts [Publications of the American Ethnological Society, Volume V].
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Dances and since ancient times in Mexico and songs are handed down through the Guatemala. Si-tho means that which generations, a currency of the shamans springs forth and Nti is used to show and the Medicine Societies. Together Music, then, played an important Nti-si-tho means the little mushroom role in North American shamanic ritu- that comes of itself, no one knows als and ceremonies.

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Wind and percus- whence, like the wind that comes we sion were the two most common types know not whence nor why. With the excep- Nti-si-tho is associated with water tion of the Apache, one had to travel and the rainy season because the mush- south to find stringed instruments. The rooms tend to sprout after the rains wind instruments are comprised of and, symbolically, because the mush- flutes and whistles; the whistles being room-induced trance enables the used primarily by shamans giving shaman to travel the river of death to power displays and treating illness and speak with the spirits.

Healing, and Hallucinogenic Masks were widely used throughout Powers. Num through their hands for healing. The Also: n om The spiritual energy that Ju hoansi shaman derives his power pervades and strengthens the lives of from within himself, from the num, not the Ju hoansi, also known as!

Kung and through the control or utilization of San.

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When the Ju hoansi dance in helping spirits. Shamans, Healers, and dancers as it boils. Those who have Medicine Men. Boston: Shambhala mastered the boiling num can direct it Publications, O Lyon, William S. Odin The great Norse shaman who hung himself from the Tree of Life Yggdrasil, the Ash, for nine days and nine nights to Oak obtain wisdom and shamanic powers. The oak tree is the Celtic Tree of Life The understanding Odin received from and a central part of the Celtic cosmol- the spirit world while hanging in trance ogy and culture.

The mighty oak serves enabled him to unravel the secrets of this role because it is believed that only the runes, a divinatory alphabet. After good energies can pass through it. See also ritual. Fire in the Head: it to all things and able to travel to all Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit. The shaman San Francisco: HarperCollins, Irish hero Cuchu- lainn strapped himself to a stone mono- Offering lith when his last battle was going badly. An offering is a symbolic manifestation Connected in this way to the Tree of of a prayer, or gratitude, extended to Life, he drew the strength needed for the spirits.

Traditional offerings usually battle from it. During that time, the individual concentrates on the mes- Matthews, John, et al. The Celtic sage of the prayer so that the offering Shaman: A Handbook. The primary pur- pose of an offering is to increase the Object Intrusion efficacy of whatever prayer, ritual, or One of the major causes of disease other sacred activity the individual is among the indigenous peoples of Asia, engaged in.

Africa, South America, and North The purpose of an offering is fairly America, with the exception of some consistent cross-culturally. However, Eskimo tribes who believe that soul loss the form of the offering varies culture to is the cause of illness. The illness is culture. For example, typical offerings believed to be caused by an energy would be flowers, rice, and rice wine in intrusion that has inserted itself into Southeast Asia, prayer flags in Tibet, the body of the patient.

See also Coca leaves in South America, the best extraction and pains.

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In Ogham is known as the secret lan- some situations a ritual or ritual cele- guage of poets or the tree alphabet, bration may function as a communal since each of the letters is called by a offering. Song is one form of offering Gaelic tree name.

It is an alphabet of that transcends the differences of cul- twenty original letters plus five more, tures and times. See also embodiment. Encyclopedia of Native of knowledge. The original order has also been changed over time and from use. There are many different Offerings, Hallucinogenic lists of letters that ascribe different The shamans use of sacred plant hallu- meanings to them and, in so doing, cinogens should not be confused with imply different systems of knowledge offerings brought for the shamans help- that can be accessed through the letters.

Mind-altering substances, There are lists that relate the ogham let- like alcohol and opium, may be con- ters to systems such as desirable human sumed by the shaman while in trance. The substances are brought and The complexity of this simple alpha- consumed as offerings for the spirit to bet of slash marks and shapes comes entice the spirit to help the patient. The from the vast and multilayered range of shaman is not affected physically by the symbolic reference required to be able often heroic amounts consumed by the to not only read the letters and words, spirit through the shamans body in but to actually derive the intended such sessions.

When the spirit leaves meaning. The translations of ogham the shamans body, all potential chemi- writings are full of magical nuances that cal effects of the offerings leave with the tie the alphabet to the magic of the spirit. Shamans of the 20th Century.

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The ogham was used in divination by inscribing the ogham letters on billets of wood, drawing or casting the billets, Ogham and interpreting the resulting symbols. The ancient alphabet of Ireland and the There are specific records of it being western parts of ancient Britain. Ogham used to determine the sex of an unborn letters are used in magic and divina- child and guilt or innocence in crimes tion. They are believed to have been a with no witnesses.

The characters are genaology, spiritual laws, and to honor all in contact with this line, either the deeds of great leaders in verse. The above, below, or through it. Conven- use of the ogham symbols was passed tionally the ogham is written vertically on through these oral traditions as part from bottom to top. If written horizon- of the training in each of these callings.

This time is the quicken- the right. The ogham script is written ing of the year when the days are and read from bottom to top or left to noticeably longer after the darkness of right. One very important esoteric aspect Fearn is named for the alder tree, of ogham is the use of certain objects, which symbolically bridges the space like birds and colors, or places, like between the Lowerworld in the earth pools of water, to expand the meaning and the Upperworld in the air.

The tree of the letters. Each letter also corre- is also connected with sword-making sponds with a weapon or other military and prized by smiths for giving the best equipment, sciences, cosmology, spiri- charcoal for metal-smelting. The color tual states of being, times of the day, is blood-red and the bird the seagull. In former times, individuals The gulls calls were imitated to sum- initiated into Bardic or Druidic prac- mon the wind and the alder was used tices could communicate with one for making whistles also used to call up another simply by mentioning the ani- the wind.

Unsuspecting white willow, which is associated with listeners could not understand what the growth of lunar power and rooting was being said. An example of esoteric in water.

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Saille is the ogham of linking, a ingenuity was the creation of an ogham watery symbolism which brings itself sign language known only to those initi- into harmony with the flow of events, ated in its use. The mystical basis of the oghams is In divination its power is great at night, in the trees that correspond with each except when the moon is visible during symbol of the alphabet.

The names are the day. Esoterically this eminent flexi- based on archaic Gaelic tree names. The bird is the hawk. A summary with rebirth and the passage between of the meanings of the twenty original the inner and outer worlds. In the Norse ogham letters follows. The purification and the color white. Beth is bird is the snipe and the color is clear. The name means terri- phases of the moon. Magically, Beth is ble and refers to the destroying aspect used to protect against all harm, physi- of the Threefold Goddess.

Huath is the cal and spiritual. It allows the bad to be ogham of protection against all ills, dealt with and cleared away so that a invoking the power of the Otherworld. Duir, is named for the common oak, Luis is named for the rowan or considered the most powerful tree in quickbeam tree, traditionally consid- many European spiritual traditions due ered a magical plant, the Tree of Life, to its connection with the sky gods.

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For and a tree of quickening. The bird asso- the Druids, every part of the oak is ciated with Luis is the duck; the color sacred. Traditionally, it is the nance of order in chaos. The bird is the ogham that enables one to see the invis- goose and the color is yellowish green. In a connected with punishment and strife. It provides the at present. Magically, the supernatural and paranormal powers.

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It has ogham for overthrowing all resistance a strong male element, more specifical- to ones will. The color is purple-black ly connected with fatherhood and the and the bird the thrush. The bird is the starling and the bourtree, another tree of great power in color gray-green.

The bark and flowers were Coll is named for the hazel tree, also used for their healing properties.